About Koenig Engineering Inc.

Engineering That Performs

Our History

Since 1985, KOENIG ENGINEERING’S full service product-oriented engineering organization has achieved Worldwide recognition through global support, supply and service of engineered products for high-speed rotating equipment.

We design and supply Gas Turbine Starting Systems and Automatic Turning Gear Drives for high-speed rotating equipment. Innovative, custom engineered designs are available to meet a variety of mounting interfaces and operating conditions for new or retrofit applications.

Our Experience

In today’s World Power Generation, Gas Recovery, and Petro-Chemical demand is increasing. Manufacturers of turbomachinery are meeting the challenge with Next Generation Solutions. Since 1985 innovative Automatic Turning Gear Designs and Gas Turbine Starting Systems from Koenig Engineering meet the challenge. Koenig Engineering delivers performance by bringing together decades of experience and proven design concepts in new equipment. With over 3,500 Turning Gears and 400 Gas Turbine Starting Systems installed around the world, we have a World of Experience to share.

Koenig Engineering, Inc. has a worldwide footprint covering 6 continents.
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