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KOENIG ENGINEERING Turning Gears and Gas Turbine Starting Systems offer automatic features that simplify plant start up and shut down operation for Gas Turbine Generators, Steam Turbines, Compressors, and Industrial Fan Applications. Positive mechanical engagement and disengagement from the main drive train without the assistance of speed sensors, servos, or actuators is inherently reliable by design.

As a Systems Engineering Company we continue to develop features that enhance our designs and provide competitive advantages to our customers, which is critical to our customers’ success.

7F Low Speed Option/Upgrade

KEI worked with our OEM 7F Customer to implement a Low Speed Drive Modification on the most affected rotors by adding an additional 60:1 gear reduction, effectively increasing the lifecycle of the rotating components by 6000%. For many Turning Gear designs the modification is minimally invasive and can be installed in 1-2 days.

”“The blades, fairings and buckets in a turbine are connected to the rotor with clearance at the root to account for expansion during operation. When a cooled rotor is rotated below the speed required to centrifugally lock out these components each time the component crosses the vertical centerline of the rotor it will “flop” from one side to the other and lead to eventual wear. On some rotors this wear is significant at standard Turning Gear speeds of 5-10rpm and can lead to a decrease in rotor life. Reducing Turning Gear speed will decrease this cyclical wear by a factor of the reduced speed."

Replacement of Competitor
Starting Systems

Most major turbine OEMs utilized both KEI and an alternate Starting System suppler for 7E, 9E, W501D5 and W501F trains.  KEI now offers replacement designs for all these trains, so the Customer no longer has to struggle with extended lead times, excessive pricing nor unresponsive Customer support.  KEI has replaced several competitor Starting Systems and can be installed in 5 – 10 days. 

Dual Speed Turning Gear

KEI’s dual speed Turning Gear was developed to facilitate offline gas turbine washing and/or extend the life of a compressor’s dry gas seals.  The dual speed Turning Gear utilizes two different motors (AC and/or DC) to offer standard low speed turning and high speed (200 – 600 RPM) turning to meet the Customers’ needs.