Service Internvals

• 25,000 hours of Turning Gear Operation
• 3000 Clutch Engagements
• 7-10 years of service
• 1,000 Torque Converter Spins


A Turning Gear failure can have catastrophic consequences for a plant’s operability, and it is essential to maintain the equipment properly. To ensure long term reliability Koenig Engineering has developed and successfully implemented a Turning Gear overhaul program to address important maintenance items. Koenig recommends the following maximum service life before overhaul; improper or lacking maintenance can accelerate component wear and shorten the required overhaul cycle.

Field Service

Koenig Engineering offers worldwide field service support originating from either the USA or the Republic of Singapore. 

Spare Parts

Koenig Engineering is the only source of certified OEM spare parts for your equipment and guaranteed to meet current form, fit and function specifications.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.